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A New VT-1 Owner:

Initial Review: Wangs VT-1H

Vintage tone in the palm of your hand.

To put it simply, this little guy puts out nothing but pure tube tone. At one watt, it breaksup almost immediately and gives you a tone that sounds like a vintage blackface champ that’s being pushed exceptionally hard. It never really gets clean and the only way to get something close depends upon the use of your guitars volume knob and choice of pickups. As said before, this is NOT a bad thing whatsoever. Additionally the tone control on the amp can really brighten or darken your sound depending. With it cranked up, the VT-1H screams fender style sparkle.

The VT-1H takes pedals exceptionally well, I've tried delays, treble boosts, distortions, and overdrive pedals and for lack of better words, they sound organic and clear- not mushy or muddy.

I plan to use this guy for recording, home practice, and as a plan b for those shows where an amp is already supposed to be there but never showed up. It's not loud enough for a drummer but no problem, plug it into a cab, mic it up and you're good to go.

I really can't say enough good things about the amp, construction wise it's solid as a rock and could easily double as a weapon if needed. Inside and out its safe to say I'm impressed. Thanks Wangs, keep it up!


Chris Reidy of Judge RoughNeck

Guitar friends....I have been playing shows for a few months now using this new Wangs amp. I really like this amp, especially the clean channel! 


Repeat customer Tim M:

5 starMeaty vintage tone with big shoulders - every gig I take it to, the sound guys freak out over the tone. Solid and dependable, meticulous attention to detail - what's not to like? And for the price - you just can't come close to the sound you get for the money with any other amp out there. Period. Thinking of getting a second one with a little less power for smaller gigs.....\m/ !!!!


5 star-What can I say other than I am hands down impressed! I'm going to NAMM this coming week to represent Godin Guitars and planned on amp shopping and those plans are off! I had the pleasure of playing through both the VT-15H and the OD-15H and out of each I was easily able to dial in the variety of tones I was wanting to hear! I can't wait to put one of these on stage next to me and blow the audience away!

Donnie Chee Wah  of Denver's Horse

5 star-A lot of guitar players you know and love have a little secret I will reveal to you today. Guys like Eric Johnson and Bonamassa to name just a few. They use multiple rigs onstage live and generally have one amp set to a very clean tone with little or no effects that they keep on all the time to beef up the tone. I use my Wangs VT-100H to do exactly that and I can tell you with genuine confidence, I would stack it up next to just about anything for the quality of clean tone. I love it, the mean tone blend just thickens up like a diabetic donut addict, and when we go clean... You can really hear the pickups in my Strat get all slinky and chimey. I also use my Biyang pedals along with it for sparkling reverb and delay. Great products especially for the price. I recommend them because I use them and I wouldn't if I didn't love them. Check out a Wangs. I play with mine all the time, and I don't apologize for that!


This AMP, is starting to show up a lot of places!!!! Other amps, might have competition, if they sound, and the way they build them, is very impressive, and these days a little above impressive is the way it has got to be !!!!!!!!!!!