About WAUSA Biyang Direct

WAUSA Biyang Direct supplies customers all over the globe..we ship both Direct and, for quick shipping, from our shop in USA....We have happy customers in USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

WAUSA is a dealer/supply for Beijing Biyang Sound Electronics, manufacturer of Biyang FX, Wang's Amps and LiveMaster. All handmade small batch in rural Shanxi Province, not Shenzhen. 

Building from the ground up with the help of the Biyang team in China our guys have turned Wang's amps and Biyang into a world wide phenom in our first few years. WAUSA employees are Gulf War Vets, Animal lovers, Music lovers and often give back to our local community.

Biyang/Wangs China are just super cool catz and we cant thank them enough for everything.....Pls take time to read all the wonderful reviews about Wangs amps and WAUSA. We get high scores for customer service, knowledge and fast direct shipping.

If you have any questions free to e-mail us at Wangsampsusa@gmail.com. 

 If you love all tube, all analog, all passive, all the time then you'll love Biyang/Wangs/LiveMaster