About Biyang and Wangs

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           "Musicians building for musicians"

Biyang worked with the best gear gurus the world had to offer to create a line of effects pedals, amps and accessories of a high standard. Using double-sided 100% fiberglass PCB's, components from WIMA (German capacitors) and Philips 1% resistors, Biyang starting getting a reputation for quality.   

* The first Biyang pedal was born in 2003 and soon the ToneFancier X-Drive became a secret weapon among musicians with a keen sense of self exspession for its ability to allow the user to easily utilize over 200 different chipsets.

early on AKAI custom shop pedals were Biyang 

When the BabyBoom series was released the TimeMachine & Tri-Reverb quickly gained cult like status.

As the distraction of Wangs amps gained popularity Biyang were secretly working on a new project to be released in 2018. The all analog, true bypass, micro modular multi FX unit "LiveMaster".

 In 2010 Biyang started Wangs amps as a alternative to popular consumer and professional amplifiers virtually unavailable for the local Chinese player. Geared towards classic simple vintage pre-amp designs and proprietary power plants Biyang chose Vishay branded components and jedi level build technics to create Chinas first true multinational boutique amplifiers. 

 (Biyang/Wangs factory Shanxi Province) 100% privatly owned family run shop building handmade, small batch production in Shanxi Province China.


Wangs sets itself apart by using a multinational component theory built to European preferred standards and giving each amp voicing Wangs famous low-mid frequency hump that magically pushes your tone upfront of any mix. 

  • Over 20 models from 1 watt to 100 watts
  • (HW & PCB)
  • In-house, custom-built proprietary OT
  • Military grade 100% fiberglass boards
  • American, German, Dutch & Japanese tone components. 
  • (WIMA, Philips, Mallory, Sprague, Dale, RIFA, RUBICON, Nichicon, Panasonic HD)
  • Ceramic valve sockets
  • Stainless steel switches
  • Korean dual-sealed pots
  • 100% birch enclosures
  • Celestion speakers



Are these amps any good?

Yes! Wangs amps are built to European Preferred Standards using American, European and Japanese components also a hand wired line.

what are our amps all about?

Providing boutique builds of rock's greatest eras at an affordable price.

But they're Chinese, right?

Yes, China is now creating a fast growing middle class that is a dominant force in the world market.

Big Amplifier sends their stuff to China to be built. And those guys haven't made a decent amp in 10 years. Why are you guys any better?

Big amplifier builds in China for different reasons than the Chinese build in China. Wangs are built for the professional Chinese player and do not use the same cost cutting techniques forced apon you by western corporations.

Why don't you guys change your name? You do know what a wang is, right?

Wangs, pronounced "Wongs" is the most common surname in China and the last name of Wangs creator, Mr. Wang Qi.